Isnin, 14 Februari 2011

tend to be different

it just me ...

dont know why i have this feeling..
always try to second-class of myself..
seconded my true self..
maybe watches to many drama *korean??..

it just still me..

 a person who like to over feeling..haha..over the acting..long time agoooo..
i should love myself and tried not to be super emo-negative thinker.
every cloud has its silver lining..

whats the point?i aso donno..testing to do some essay writing i guess..

lets repeat again...the story telling begin..

once  upon a time ,there was a girl who believe that she is super dupper cool..
she always want to be the best..but actually she's not..there's nothing that she good at ..

put some more space...


reka-ing stories..huhu..terremember at time,mse ter-missing al-dompet..haha..buleh yakin bhwasanya dompet tu duk kat lua library Uni..
siap repot kty balai parit buntaq yg mnyeramkan tu lgi..kene rm2 lagi..sbb kunun kne curik la kan..beg ltk kt lua,msuk study bgai org yg rjin dlm library..

rupanya ,memang duk dlm drawer lab skool e.e ja wallet tu..hahahahahahaha..bingung bengung..mujo x p wat ic baru lgi time tu..

tp..kesinambungannya kne gk wt ic lps dh grade ...

ade org x sedar diri p curik beg aku lak..budus ,smpai mati kne maki..ops..x baik  x baik ...ptt mntk dia insap la kan..trgt iklan yg dia ragut org,pstu mak dia plak kne..huhu..sian mak dia x besalah..


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